It’s tough for men to connect; free time is a rarity in this busy culture.  We want to enable men to connect without them having to give up precious family time.  School demands for our college and university guys; supporting families for our young married guys; business demands for the established men and volunteering requirements for our retired gentlemen all have a major impact on their availability to connect with each other in a safe and encouraging environment.

The goal of our Men’s ConneXion group is to fill the connecting void with events that don’t take away from the other demands of our men.  Our desire is to enable men to become productive disciples of Jesus.

We offer Men’s Breakfasts with great speakers; various Sporting Events throughout the year; Bible Study groups; BBQ’s; Quad/Snowmobile trips and Retreats. 

Groups for Men

Men's Early Morning Bible Study: Thursdays from 6-7am here at the Church.  The study topic is the book of Romans.

Men's Bible Study: Thursdays from 9:30-11am here at the Church.  The study topic is the book of 1 Timothy.

For more information on either of these groups, please contact the Church Office.