Worship Arts

Worship involves both action and adoration. Throughout the week we seek to proclaim the worth of God through our words, decisions, intentions, attitudes, desires and very lives. The Bible describes our spiritual act of worship as one where we present our whole bodies to God as living sacrifices (Romans 12:1-2). This surrender allows God to work his love through us and shows us the worthiness of a God who gave himself up for us.

Sunday morning is somewhat of a crescendo in our adoration of God. Throughout each week there may have been blessings and victories that make us want to sing and there may have been failures and discouragements that show our deep need for God’s mercy. As we gather together to sing there is opportunity for those who are happy to sing celebratory praise to God (James 5:13), yet there is a chance to reflect on his grace and pour our need for God out before him. In this corporate worship environment the Spirit of God works in a special way to encourage, reaffirm, reassure, comfort, heal, teach, and transform us as we behold his face (2 Cor. 3:18). We sing in an environment that values the best of both traditional and contemporary music and we look forward to the day when all believers will gather and glorify God with one voice.

For information regarding worship, such as how to be involved in serving on a music team, please contact Tim Voth at timv@sardisfellowship.com.