Sardis Fellowship will be taking Sr. Youth (age 15-18) and Young Adults on a missions trip to San Quintin, Mexico with One Life One Chance Ministries from July 7-14, 2019.
The team for this trip has been assembled and is in the process of preparing for their trip.
One great way to support this team is by participating in different fundraising initiatives. One which was just launched on Jan.27th was a Sardis Fellowship Cookbook. Check out below for all the information you’ll need for this project.

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What is it?
We are putting together a Sardis Fellowship Cookbook, jammed packed with delicious recipes, which we will sell to help raise funds to support our Mexico 2019 Missions Team.
How can I help?
By submitting a couple of your favorite recipes! Dust off your recipe boxes, find 2 of any category of recipe (appetizer, main course, salads, international, desserts, etc.) and submit them.
How do I submit my recipes?
There are three ways to submit a recipe:
The easiest: Fill out all of the information in the form at the bottom of this page and it will be sent directly to us.
Via email: If it is easy for you, then simply send your recipe via email to the Church Office.
Copy it: You can submit a photocopy of your recipe to the Church Office.

So, you've chosen your recipes and you're ready to send them in? Please be sure to include the following:
Recipe Checklist:
>Your Name and Date
>Name of Recipe
>Category of Recipe (appetizer, main course, etc.)
>Creator's Name-If you have not come up with the recipe yourself, please include the name of the person who did. Or, if you've found the recipe online, please include the name and website (or blog) of the person who created it, so we may reference them.
>Complete Recipe (including proportions)
>Any additional notes you think may be helpful.

Please ensure to submit your recipes by Feb.24th.

Sardis Eats Recipe Submission (Please submit one form below per recipe submission.)

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