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December 2018

Check out what we’ve got planned for Sardis Kids for Sunday mornings in December:

Preschool: Ages 2-4 (First Look)

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Happy birthday, Jesus! Yes, we know that Christmas is all about Jesus’ birthday, but do your preschoolers know? It will be a new idea to some of them. We have the best jobs in the world because we get to share with preschoolers for the first time that Christmas is all about Jesus’ birthday! Jesus has a birthday? Yep! He sure does! And, we are going to celebrate it BIG! We also want our preschoolers to know that the reason we celebrate Jesus’ birthday is because Jesus is God’s Son. God’s Son deserves a celebration as big as Christmas and a birthday bash as big as what we’re going to give Him this month! He is that special! So, gather up all the birthday celebration you can and prepare to party all month long! It’s not just balloons and party hats. We are sharing the true story that God gave us His only Son, Jesus, and HE is worth celebrating!

Elementary: Gr. K-6 (252 Basics)

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God’s compassion for the people He created led to the greatest act of love the world has ever seen. God sent His only Son to make us right with Him. We reflect that compassion when we care about others and show them how much God loves them.

For more information about the curriculum we use throughout the school year, please see below.


One great program we have for our Sardis Kids is Camp by Memory.  Camp by Memory is a program to help kids memorize God’s Word and get money for camp!  
Kids are given portions of scripture to memorize throughout the school year and recite what they have memorized to someone who will test their accuracy.  If the scripture was memorized sufficiently, kids are awarded money for camp.  
We are happy this program is back for the 2018/2019 year and we encourage you to get your kids involved!  Information is available through our Church Office.
Start memorizing now for Summer 2019!

Sardis Kids Cirriculum

Your kids mean the world to you.  And we understand that you want them to develop a foundation of understanding in God to help them through life's questions and choices.  That is why we pour ourselves into making kids experience at church relevant and meaningful in an age appropriate way.

Family is very important and we recognize you as the spiritual leader to your children.  Our children's curriculum keeps that in mind.  Our Sunday School curriculum for ages 2-grade 6 is from  With this style of curriculum, each month focuses on a single Bible memory verse & life application ("Life App").  Through the month, kids explore this theme with Bible stories, games & discussion to make that truth memorable.

We're especially excited to partner with you in new ways to carry on that faith dialogue at home.  Watch for the info your kids bring home and check out the online resources.  (For Preschool: and for Elementary:  and interactive online resources at

Sardis Kids 2018/2019 Registration Form

Are you able to volunteer for Sardis Kids?
I give permission for my child to be photographed or filmed by church personnel for use in church presentations and publications only. (Images will not be used on public domain such as a website or social media.) *
Parent/Guardian Consent *
By checking this box, I am confirming that the information I've submitted is correct and complete and I give my child/children permission to participate in the Sardis Kids Sunday School Program at Sardis Fellowship Baptist Church for the 2018/2019 year. I hereby give church personnel and volunteers the authority to act on my behalf in case of an emergency to authorize treatment for my child if necessary and I cannot be reached (parent will be notified ASAP), understanding that I am financially responsible. I hereby release the church and it's personnel from all claims and for damages arising from any accidents or injury caused by my child's participation in Sardis Kids Sunday School Program for the 2018/2019 year.

Sunday School at 10am

Our Value Statement

To create a safe, fun and loving environment for children to grow in their faith, ask questions and share.  To experience engaging teaching, with meaningful and relate-able lessons that apply to each child.   

Plan to Protect

We take your children's safety seriously.  Volunteers are screened and policies are in place for security and well being.  We also work hard to create an environment where the children feel safe to express their opinions, ask questions, and always feel welcomed.

For more information on our Plan to Protect policy for children, please contact our Church Office.